Monday, May 25, 2009

Catalina Interim Report

I don't have the capability to upload photos here, so I'll just give a brief summary and give a full report when I get home.

Carie and I have spent Memorial Day Weekend at the Wrigley Center for Environmental Science on Catalina Island. This is the same place Carie was last summer for her Geobiology course. It's an awesome place: snorkeling in a protected cove, kayaking, hiking, the works. It's quiet and peaceful and we have an adorable little house to stay in. We've been working hard and been extremely productive, but also found lots of time to play.

On Saturday I mountain biked the length of Catalina Island from Two Harbors to Avalon and back, totalling 51 miles with 5,000ft of climbing. It was all on fire roads and the climbing is about 1,000ft short of what I'd be doing in half of the Tahoe-Sierra 100, but I was happy to finish the ride in 4:55. Had I brought more food (I did the entire thing on two packages of Shot Bloks), I would have been faster. I think I'm on target for a sub-10:30 Tahoe-Sierra 100. Maybe sub-10, but I'm keeping my expectations low for now. I definitely need to remember to eat a lot before and during the race.

Pictures of beautiful ocean, island, and bison to come.

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