Friday, February 6, 2009


It is raining like crazy in L.A. and snowing like crazy in the mountains.  Due to the rain we decided to bug out of the bike race, meaning my road racing season has officially ended before it even began, but who cares?  I'm particularly awful at road racing, so it's really no loss to me or the team.  I'll rack up points again next fall in mountain biking.  And besides, there's snow about!

This weekend I will be going hiking/sledding, and on Monday Carie and I are going to skip out of work and go skiing.  Stay tuned for updates!


  1. Three feet of new snow so far, with two more days just like this forecasted. This is as good as it gets down here!

    Plus, we have a piano now! So it's an exciting time.

  2. You got a piano?! Awesome! Carie must be psyched... damn, I wish I had learned to play. You should post some videos of you playing, and Carie... banging on pots?

  3. It was a Christmas present from Carie to me. Part of the deal is that I give her piano lessons, so we'll be able to post a video of her playing before long.

  4. Glad you have such high regard for my immense musical talent, Bean. :-p