Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Racing Revision

I didn't end up racing in Santa Barbara on Sunday. I spent all day Saturday shampooing the carpets, didn't get to bed until late, and didn't want to spend an entire day away when Carie's leaving in less than a week. Basically, I didn't feel like it.

Instead of racing, I spent the day in deep introspection. First, I realized that my goal of qualifying for Nats this year may not be realistic, and even if it is it probably won't be fun. I'm finishing mid- to front-pack in my division now. I have yet to finish top five in this division, never mind win a race (I finished top 6 in every race in a lower division, but still never actually won a race). It's the middle division in collegiate, perfectly respectable. If I move up to the top division, I will get my clock cleaned. I'd rather spend a few races in my current division in the fall and see if I can land on the top step of the podium before I spend my time racing people who's ambition is to turn pro.

I also realized that I'll be going up to Tahoe once for the Tahoe-Sierra 100 race and again a couple weeks later for the UNR race. Going up a third time would probably be imposing on Jeannie's hospitality.

Finally, I spent some time on Google maps and realized that it's not that far a ride to the trailhead for one of my favorite trails. I set out and discovered that it's 8 miles on road and 3 miles on singletrack, not a bad approach at all. It only takes about 50 minutes if I take it fairly easy, whereas it was a 20 minute drive before. Loading the bike into the car is a pain and I'll totally take a ride from home any day. I think I just figured out what I'm going to do on weekends when Carie is gone.


  1. good call, racing is expensive. why pay to ride a super crowded trail when you can ride one for free with just a few friends instead.
    been thinking about getting a 29er hardtail, like my bike but maby having a 6" travel and a 29er hardtail might be fun changeup. ride hard with fast friends, 6"er with slow. http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/motobecane/fly_TeamTI_29.htm

  2. When the Rockhopper eventually gives up the ghost I'll definitely be going down the 29er route. I'm way too tall to be mucking about with the smaller wheels.

    I really enjoy the racing, but you're right, $50 is too much for an entry fee. I'll wait until the fall and race collegiate, when my team will pay my entry and travel costs.