Saturday, June 13, 2009

REI Used Gear Sale

Oh wow. I just bought a pair of Marker Baron AT bindings for $6.83. They were returned for "missing parts", which means that seven of the mounting screws are missing. They are otherwise perfect, brand new, never before mounted AT bindings normally sold for over $350 on sale.

Sometimes it pays to live in SoCal where people don't know anything about outdoor gear.

Yes, it's silly to have bought these since my current AT bindings are just fine and lighter to boot, and the direction I really want to go is lighter weight with Dynafits, but $6.83 for AT bindings? I am not going to pass that up.

So Jeannie, I'll probably want to hit up a ski shop while I'm in Tahoe and get some mounting screws for Marker bindings...

UPDATE: Blast, they're too small for my boots! Well, I have two choices now: sell them or get Carie into AT skiing.

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