Saturday, August 29, 2009

We went to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

For my birthday (and her pre-quals de-stresser) Carie took me to the San Diego Zoo. There were lots of cute and cool animals, but I didn't take very many pictures of them. I did get a good picture of a red-haired primate mocking me:

They're just like us!

By far the best parts were at dusk and dark (the zoo stayed open until 9pm). At dusk we watched the otters play and once it got dark we wandered over to the big cats, who were much more active than one usually gets to see. Even the snow leopards were up and moving! We watched two cougars from four feet away size us up for dinner. Those are some powerful, scary cats. It's unnerving to think that they live in the wild where we play.

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