Monday, August 31, 2009

LA is Burning, We are Leaving

The Los Angeles area is on fire. Something (doesn't really matter what) finally ignited all the dead brush just waiting top burn up in the foothills.

It's eerie down here. Those same foothills glow red at night and look like active volcanos. Very apocalyptic.

Hot temperatures (105-110F highs), low humidity and no wind has exacerbated the situation, resulting in unbreathable smoky air in the basin. El Prieto Canyon is a scorched ruin and given the poor erosive state it was already in will most likely not survive the winter runoff. Next year I will probably have to ride in the Santa Monicas because the local trails will all be gone. At present, though, what is more important is I have a 100 mile mountain bike race in two weeks and am unable to ride because of hazardous air. Wow, that paragraph really ties the last two months together!

Anyway, to combat worsening conditions in LA Carie and I did what we always do: get the hell out. We're now on our favorite island refuge. It's temperate (80F degree highs!), the air is sweet, there's swimming, and I can mountain bike as far as I want. Tomorrow I'll put in a 50-60 mile day and hopefully not die. This is all in addition to being able to work without distractions in a nice environment! Carie is studying for quals and I'm reading about emission spectroscopy (which is very interesting despite what you may think).

On the boat trip out this morning we crossed paths with a school of 50 or 60 very playful and friendly dolphins that proceeded to come right up to us and surf our wake. Adorable. Enjoy!


  1. scary. had a smaller fire in fall at one of my mtbike spots last year. small mudslides this spring, fun to watch nature work, try to take a ride/hike as soon as you can through burnt area. really neat experience to watch burn area recover. too bad though.

  2. after watching the news and seeing how bad the fire is i retract my statment on how neet fires are