Monday, September 21, 2009

Well Fudgesicles

The owners of our house decided to sell it. They told us this two days before Carie left for Europe, and two weeks before I do. We asked them to hold off until we get back, but no dice, so we're moving out. It's a shame; we loved our little house on the hill and it made living in Los Angeles much more pleasant. We'll find another place when we come back, though. But barring the collegiate season mountain bike opener this weekend, I'll be spending all my time between now and leaving for Europe moving all of our stuff into storage, so this blog will not be very interesting.

Before I go, update from Tahoe-Sierra 100: it was 91 miles with 12,500ft of climbing (and sweet, sweet descending!). I finished in 12:29:43, good enough for 4th out of 7 in my age group, and well into the top third overall in my division. It was long and hard, but lots of fun. This is also the first time my name has ever appeared on! I want to do it again next year. Also, Jeannie and Jason were awesome hosts, taking me out to ride the Downieville downhill the next day and let me loosen out my legs, and taking us to fine Mexican food almost every night. Thanks again, you guys!


  1. Come back any time! Congrats on your race!

  2. I may take you up on that. Would you perchance have room for a lonely traveler heading through around New Year's?