Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Team Photo Shoot

The USC Cycling Team needed a team photo for our webpage and for our sponsors. As it would happen, a staff member at USC is a fan and supporter of our team and her husband is a professional photographer. Thus, a couple weekends ago we got together in our new kits (cyclists call their uniforms "kits" for some reason) and took a team photo. They also took individual photos and gave them to us, which was super nice:

Man, Roadies are so dorky. I also realized I'm an albino, since they made us take our sunglasses off for this picture and even though it was an overcast day, I was squinting like crazy and my eyes were tearing up from the bright light. No one else seemed to have this problem.

My mountain bike is so sexy. Hard to believe that was once Carie's dad's mountain bike; only thing left from those days (literally!) is the frame.

I won't be wearing that kit again until next MTBing season, since I don't want to wear it except for races. It's pretty much superstition, but that's the way it is. Speaking of which, the season opener is usually the course at UNR, so how about another visit up to you, Jeannie?


  1. Lookin' good there, handsome.

  2. I got a leaky rock shock sid fork if you are interested. free.

  3. btw i like the converse chuck's on middle guy

  4. Haha, I hadn't noticed the chucks.

    What year Sid?

  5. suspect 2002, was race or something. i tried to rebuild it, very hard finding parts for, leak is bout 4 drips a ride. very light, had vbrake posts it looked like your bike had one

  6. I'm reasonable happy with the Rock Shox Psylo I've got on there now (pretty much the same thing as the Tora on your bike, just a little bit older). But man, a Sid is tempting. It won't be as stiff and probably won't perform as well, but the light weight certainly gives it race cred. much do you think it would cost to ship?