Monday, April 6, 2009

Epic Bike Ride

Carie and I rode up Mt. Wilson (5700ft) on Saturday and are still sore from it. It's 18 miles one way and 5,000ft of climbing. It's a burly road ride even when one is training a lot, which neither of us are. It's also very scenic, and at this time of the year, really cold at the top. The descent is a nice long downgrade with well-banked turns that you can ride without touching your brakes (provided you're willing to go 40mph). Sadly, we have no pictures since we don't have a camera small enough to take with us on bike rides. I'm thinking of getting one of those really cheap small cameras that I can just throw in my pocket for such a purpose. We'll have to ride it again and get pictures.


  1. I've been meaning to get a small camera for the same reason. Like a small Canon power shot.

    Sounds like a great bike ride!

  2. Turns out a camera phone was just the solution I was looking for.