Monday, March 2, 2009

Off to Ohio

I'm outta here. I'll report back in two weeks.


  1. Yeah, when I saw this picture I teased Scott about photoshopping it to make it look steeper. But then I remembered being at the top of that, looking down, and telling Scott, "Ummm....I'm scared." He made me go first so that I could get photos of him coming down. What a nice boyfriend. I guess I got the freshie.

    This ski area is unpopular with Los Angelites (fortunately so) because it's "too steep". It actually has some exciting terrain, and we hit it on the perfect day.

    And doesn't he look good? To think that just four years ago I was telling him, "Oh, you'll be fine, just don't snowplow. The worst that'll happen is you break your neck."

  2. Check out Andrew Maclean's blog at Now THAT's some impossibly steep stuff he skis.