Sunday, March 29, 2009

Turn Sequence

The real purpose of this blog is of course for me to upload pictures of myself that I can then ogle at my leisure, so in that vein, here is a whole sequence. I thought it was nifty how the picture refresh rate managed to match my turn frequency almost perfectly, since I'm at the same spot in every turn in each photo. I adhere to the short, jumpy European style of turns, at least on the steeps.


  1. Is that a "Wohoo!" arm raise at the end?

  2. Yes, yes that is. What can I say, skiing is fun!

  3. cool sequence.

    they look like they could be tighter and jumpier though if you want to achieve true 'euroskiing'. but i would maybe advise against it.

    we were watching a ski movie last week and there were some skiers that did (admittedly, skillfully) those tight, hoppy turns all the time even when there weren't moguls.

    i wanted to ask the others what they call that type of skiing here, but wasn't sure i should mention that we call it euroskiing, since i am technically in europe.

    it cracked me up when the others instantly caught what i was talking about and answered 'no, we just call it 'gay skiing''.

    hahaha, i love norway.

  4. They just call it 'gay skiing' because it's way too hard to do with Tele turns.

    I don't want to go full out mogul skiing when there are no moguls, but I think that somewhat tighter turns look neater. More Andrew Maclean, less Doug Coombs.

  5. neida--these were alpine skiers.

    i like the speed that the longer turns allow you. and when someone can pull off the long, smooth, S-turns on the steep stuff i think it looks really sweet.

    if you get a chance to see 'Selskapresan' you can see the scene(s) that sparked the conversation. it's a pretty funny movie too: really 80's.

  6. I think I prefer the tighter turns because I rarely get to ski wide open, steep spaces. The long s-turns are great on big power bowls, but not so good in trees or rocky chutes, which are pretty much the only places I get the pow these days.