Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pictures from Ohio!

Awesome Ohio Skiing (to be fair, it was the last day of the season and a freak 70 degree day in the middle of a cold spell...but that doesn't excuse the lack of vert)

That is the top of the ski area as seen from the base.

The cheese on most burgers isn't this melty.

Good snowboarders kind of make passable skiers. Kind of.

The reverse is not true. Damn it's hard to stay up on near-flat ground!

Did I mention it was melty?

Air Force Museum AKA Hordes of Sexy, Sexy Planes

A10 Thunderbolt II. I want it so bad.

F22, baby!

You can blame NASA for this thing. It's actually called a "snoopy nose". It's got a 7' radar dish in the nose that they used for tracking Gemini and Apollo missions when the spacecraft didn't have a clear radio path to the U.S..

I do not fit in the F16 cockpit. At all.

Whiskey needs one of these.

It's so big!


  1. That looks truley terrible! I think that is way worse than minnesota skiing. hats off for giving ohio a go!

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahaha. that's awesome!

  3. No way, a swamp would have more vegetation.